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Sprint's had a rocky few years. Rather than cast a broad net, his firm's approach to its National Customer Service Survey , ongoing research on customer satisfaction with phone-based customer service, focuses in depth on three vertical markets: computer technical support, mobile phone customer service and major national consumer banks.

Our professional installers and their big home customers report greatly improved service after installing this booster. I got a call from Sprint alerting system saying, "If you are not going to pay the bill your connection will be terminated within 48 hours." Ridiculous, worst service I have ever seen.

A joint press release from the companies says that over 20 million Sprint customers currently have a phone that will work on T-Mobile with no issues. I immediately called Customer Service and explained my situation; they said No Problem we will send you another "Return Kit".

In our own interactions with Sprint's customer service, we've had a positive experience overall. The first realized there was a problem was when Sprint threated to cut off phones. For $60 per month for a single line, Sprint offers an unlimited prepaid plan. The customer service was so bad that I am thinking about leaving Sprint altogether.

Sometimes in all the web 2.0 and customer centric trends in our world people seem to forget that businesses are built to generate a profit. My NCO took my phone and straightened out that Customer Service rep real quick and was brought up thier service chain by at least 5 steps before the issue was resolved.

Theoretically, Sprint customers would see a boost in network coverage as a result of the merger—as evidenced by the coverage maps put together by analytics firm RootMetrics. During the presidential campaign, Trump made populist noises about barring another big telecom merger, between AT&T and the giant media company Time Warner.

Clearly, Sprint is trying to shed customers who seem to eat up too many resources. As of yesterday July 19, 2018 no one returned call and customer service refused to help me. I am just trying to get a reasonable plan where I not pay over $400 a month for service.

I tried to change it and see what I could do for them to fix it, but the people at Sprint told me that i had to log in to my Sprint account. The third-largest mobile broadband provider in the country, Sprint service offers some of the most generous mobile data plans available.

Fair Warning: Sprint's LTE Plus (formerly known as Spark) uses three frequency bands to power their service: 800MHz, 1.9GHz, Bad customer service and 2.5GHz for even faster data speeds. These wireless services providers essentially get access to the networks controlled by other companies—the big 4 wireless companies and regional company U.S. Cellular—at wholesale prices and then set their own retail rates for consumers.

Maybe the contract terms and penalties for early service termination are as much of Sprint's issue as service problems or whiny customers…. Sprint's EVDO coverage here in Chicago is good, the service is fast, and Sprint will be rolling out WiMAX here next year.

I can't pay my bill on line, upgrade my service, let alone get them to tell me why I'm still under a contract for another 10 months. Talked with Julius in customer service and spent 53 minutes on the phone with him. The nation's four major phone carriers are slashing prices in a bid to attract new customers in a saturated market.

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